Hi Flolks,

First the kit :-

Recently bought APM 1, IMU to match, compass and ublox 5 in an already flying Taylorcraft 450 by E-Flight.

Now the questions,

First although I'm getting most of the things I expect, yawing the airframe left and right does not affect the rudder position. Roll gives Aileron to correct attitude, Pitch gives Elevator to correct attitude. The heading changes on the PC and raw sensor data is giving the right info i.e large Z gyro deflections.

Is this correct?

Second, when I turn the APM on it settles for the attitude of the aircraft at that time as normal flying attitude which it's not! I've tried setting the zero attitude with the Mission Planner, but the APM just seems to forget!

Do I have to have normal flying attitude at start up always?

Here's hoping that someone knows why these 2 things are so, I expect that there are settings that fix these if their a problem, but I can't find them.

I have all the correct senses, the gps locks and gives the right info so far, in fact it looks so good that I might fly it as is and see what happens! At least to try sabilize and fly by wire A.

Anyway Many thanks

Regards John Fletcher

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1) Rudder will not compensate for yaw deflection on the ground. It's designed only to coordinate turns with the ailerons in the air. In other words, what you're seeing is normal. 

2) APM calibrates "level" at every reset. When you power it on or reset it at the field, you must have the aircraft level. Again, this is normal behavior. 

OK, So now I understand!!

Sorry to use your time like this, but it's hard for me to know what's normal and what's not.

Many Thanks Chris.

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