yaw doing 360's in mission planner

Hi all,

I've been trying to work out whats going on with my quad.

APM1, 180A atto volt current sensor, 880KV motors, mystery 30A ESC's, optical flow, sonar, 9x 2.4ghz radio, 900mhz XBee, 1.2ghz video tx

Yaw (Compass) was doing 360's and artificial horizon was going all over the place even tho the quad was sitting on the ground unarmed!

So i decided to reflash the APM1.. after disconnecting the 4 motor signal wires and connecting again to reflash the APM everything seems normal and yaw is fine and horizon follows the movement correctly as i move the quad by hand. but then when i go to flash the APM it says unable to detect.. I tried removing the power and ground from the optical flow board incase that had an effect..but nothing..

so i gave up with that idea

then after connecting the 4 motor signal wires again... the ESC's dont make their normal beep and there are no lights on the top board of the APM :(

Time for bed now.. and get a fresh set of eyes on it in the morning, but any idea's? im going to start looking for ground loops, and checking the connections to the compass board... any other idea's?



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  • Here is a log with some weird bits on it, sometimes it does this, sometimes its ok??

    So i managed to re-flash the APM with the USB cable, couldnt get it to work through the Xbee. I still cant get the CLI to work thru the Xbee either. has something changed in the last few updates?

    2012-04-07 02-22 2.log

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