Yaw heading issue


I have been flying my DIY quadcopter for about 2 months now and although it is very stable, I have a small yaw issue.  For example, if I yaw clockwise the quad will yaw correctly to that point but then yaw anti-clockwise about half of it's orignal track, like it wants to return to it's original heading  It is quite difficult to fly precisely this way since I have to initially 'over-steer' to obtain the desired heading.  Which PID values in mission planner should I be playing with?  I am not using the GPS or compass.

Anyone else have this problem?  Please share your experiences in this regard.

Thank You

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  • Amilcar, the fix is not yet released into MP.  So the only way to get it is to download from GIT.  But the fix should be out soon with 2.7 I hope.

    Oliver, yes, known issues, fixed on the next release.

  • Yes this is a know issue that was fixed a couple of weeks ago.

    Just update the firmware.

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