For some reason, my arducopter yaws left with less power than it does right. Like, when I yaw right, it's fast, and responsive, but when I yaw left, it's slow, and takes a while to turn.

What PID values can I change that will fix this? I just balanced my props.

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No answer on this? I'm experience the same problem. I'm also finding the quad wanting to move forward once in air and I have to trim back to correct it and also when decending fast it wobbles - is this all one problem to tune the pids ?
make sure your propellers are leveled and your arms are not twisted

calibrate acceleromters

wobbling on fast descending is "normal" and a known problem, you can avoid it by flying in one direction when desending

hey sab- thanks, i have balanced the props as much as possible and also sighted the arms and motors and battery pack they seem level and everything is facing the way they should be for best CG balance. how do you calibrate accelerometers?

Elijah, have you solved your problem with yaw power?

I have exactly the same problem, yaw left is very fast when moving stick, but yaw right requires full stick and is very slow.

I checked my arms and don't appear to be twisted and yaw radio values in CLI looks ok.


How do i solve this problem. The quad of my father in law has the exact same problem. Pls. advice.

father in yaw?

lol sorry I just had to

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