Yet another alternative for ...

Few days ago I've mentioned in other thread about new project of alternative transmission.

Now - more details.

Phase 1:

Universal RC/data transmission module - 434/868 MHz, 500 mW (27dBm) regulated power.


- RF-SMA for antenna,

- PPM in and out

- 9 channels - servo type as in standard RC Rx,

- serial interface - hardware and software compatible with 3DRadio,

- miniUSB - parallel to serial.

Software, after power-on, is "listening" on PPM-in port - if there is correctPPM signal - then "ground module" procedures are activated, if no - "air module". 

Configuration - via Mission Planned / 3DRadio config software / dedicated PC/Mac/IOS/Android applications.

RF power regulation - 3-position switch (micro=range check/binding, std=100mW, hi=500mW

RF Module - Dorji DRF4432F27

CPU - STM32F103CBT6.

Phase 2:

500 mW, 5.8 GHz video tx with additional functions:

- 3 switchable video inputs: 2 - composite video and 1 HDMI. Switching by standard RC servo-type interface,

- photo camera trigger - IR/relay/OC transistor

RF Module - Airwave


Phase 3: Integration.

Products from phases 1 and 2 with some more on single boards:

"Ground" - functions from module phase 1 and: interface for potentiometers and switches/buttons for build stand alone (without RC tx) solution; drivers for antenna tracker - 2 servos/2stepper motors with "polulu protocol" for Mission Planner compatibility, GPS/IMU for antenna position (for moving ground stations), 5.8 GHz diversity receiver, MinimOSD compatible OSD with outputs: "pure video" / video+OSD / OSD only.

"Air" - functions from modules phase 1 and 1 and: output for servo for pan tracking for video tx antenna, GPS module for GPS+Glonass satelites, power measurement (current/voltage) used by video and data transmission, GSM/GPRS for SMS message with lat/lon sending in case of system failure, lost control, etc.


Phase 1 - PCB design almost finished, All parts on the table, Monday will sent it to production - 2 weeks and 5 sets for beta tests will be ready <- betatesters welcome...

Phase 2 - next month - now waiting for HDMI-to-composite IC's for finishing design.

Phase 3 - few units for beta tests - January 214.

All comments, ideas - welcome.

to be continued/updated...


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  • This sounds too good to be true :P In fact it sounds very much like what we would call a "egg laying wool milk sow" XD

    Well I hope that you aren't going megalomaniac.. but I sure hope that you succeed building it! It would be the perfect solution for the problem I'm facing now.. even though I'd prefer 2.4Ghz VTX :D

    Keep us updated!

  • Hi Marek,

    what is the status of this project?

    I think there are still many people waiting for something just like that!

  • Is any price estimate yet?

    Too much features for me to betatest easily ;-)

  • Schematic drawing for module phase-1 almost ready...

    Comments welcome!

    Hardware possibilities:

    - transparent serial channel. P15-serial and P16-USB as interfaces.

    - up to 12 PWM servo-type channels (50/100/200/400 Hz - software selection)

    - servo channel 12 - configurable: servo or RSSI output (software+CB2)

    - transparent PWM channel - P13 - PPMin/out

    - RF power - via 3 position switch connected to P18 or via servo channel - configurable by software setup

    - DC power - can be delivered from servo rail or separate servo and electronics (via serial interface) (CB1)

    - JTAG interface (P19)  and boot selectors (P17) - only for prototyping/test modules.

    - binding - via bind button (S2) and/or software (possible one-to-many, one-to-one, many-to-many RX/TX)

    - PPM output can work concurent with servo channels.


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