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It's been a while since I've been able to fly any of my planes. I had some bad luck with my lipos and had none to fly with. Nothing explosive just over drew and now they're dead!. So it's been even longer since I've purchased batts.Recently I purchase several Zippy Flightmax 2200mah 20-30C packs from an e-bay reseller. I'm usually a little skeptical of batts on ebay which claim high C rattings so when I got these I was a little on edge. I know that the technology for lipo batts is ever-changing and packs are lighter/smaller than the packs that were available several years ago. Did I say that I'm a skeptic? Is this a true statement from others? Are they in fact lighter and smaller (while being higher in cap and C)? I know the packs I got are physically the same size as the 1800's that come with the Parkzone Trojans but have 400 more mah and the C is 20-30 versus 12.Online I've not found a lot of bad regarding the Zippy packs outside of the balance plugs are a weak point so folks recommend taping them down.

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  • Hey, another quick question. I heard from a different site that you have to solder on the connectors to some zippy batteries. I was wondering if this one required soldering, and which connectors you guys recommend using?
  • I was looking into getting the same batteries, but I was wondering: a) whether or not the packs came with a charger from HobbyKing, b) If not, which charger/balancer should I buy, and c) is there a way I can monitor my battery's charge while flying without having ardupilot or EagleTree?
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    LiPo's are improving all the time, my first one's (in 2005) gave me only 16 flights total but the ones that have lasted me the best have been Rhino's, my Zippy Flightmax's are well used and while they're still doing OK I can see and feel a power drop-off after 60 flights or so.

    They're 5000mAh but now only give out around 4400mAh. For price/cycles they're pretty good value for money, best used at max 1/2 their rated 'C' for long life.
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    Yes, those are our workhorse batteries, and they're great. We've got about eight of them. They're available for $10.99 from HobbyKing. You should buy a half-dozen at least, and fly as long as you want.
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    BTW - I tossed up my Stryker with a BAM and my new zippy pack and was definetly able to see and tell a difference. She was way TAIL heavy and super sensative, but was able to not drill it @ 90mph within the first 30 seconds with my rusty flying skills. I had to trim up a lot to comp for the lighter battery and the burst speed was faster so they seem to be working well...
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