Any chance that UAVCAN implementation is near for APM?  Would love to be able to have the Zubax with APM Planner instead of Qgroundcontrol.  The Zubax picks up more satellites in my house than my Neo M8N does outside on a clear day.

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This is basically just u-blox MAX-M8  , with magnetomter.

I  *think* even APM supports it just as current uBlox devices, no extra code should be necessary if the device itself is configured for concurrent GPS/GLONASS.  

Anyway , why  MAX-M8 would outperform NEO-M8 is a mystery to me, given similar conditions and same ,antenna , I see no technical reason for it to be different as long you only use GPS/GLONASS .

Thanks for the reply Andre,  

The problem using the Zubax with APM is that the Zubax is only configured to use UAVCAN interface not I2C/GPS ports.  Not sure about the difference myself but on repeated bench tests the Zubax will locate 17 to 18 satellites indoor while the neo sticks at 12-13.  The Zubax looks to be a well done unit with ample shielding and response with the price of a larger, heavier unit.  There was some chatter about implementing UAVCAN on the APM side, I'll keep digging.

It seems like I'm late with my answer, but anyway.

UAVCAN is supported in APM as follows:

  • in ArduPilot since v3.2.1
  • in ArduCopter's master (hopefully it will be part of the v3.3 release)

And of course, PX4 stack fully supports UAVCAN as well.

Pavel, the APM developers say that the Zubax is supported with arducopter 3.3 rc1 but no word on how to set it up. I wired it in and get led blinking on the zubax but no gps signal. Evidently Tridge tested the zubax in 3.3 with positive results

Thanks, Randy

Hi Randy,

The question is more related to APM rather than to Zubax. Both use the same standard bus; APM doesn't need to know that there's a Zubax device connected, its only task is to receive messages. Hence, APM doesn't need to support Zubax, it only needs to support certain standard UAVCAN messages. So the question is specific to APM, and I'm not sure I can immediately answer it. I see two options:

  • Ask ArduCopter developers about how to enable UAVCAN
  • Look at the code

I can help you with the latter if the former didn't work out.


Pavel, thanks for the quick reply.  I haven't had any response from any of the ArduCopter developers yet.  I know this is on the APM side but can't find any hint to UAVCAN in the parameter list.  It could be we are very close to getting APM implementation but it seems to be a bit low on the list.  I tried the zubax with QGC and am very anxious to deploy on all of our aircraft on the APM side.  I will send up another flare to the APM camp.


Still not a word from APM but I did check LED status on the Zubax and they indicate CAN1 activity and GPS lock exactly as the QGC PX4. I just need the APM to access the CAN Bus.


Hi Randy,

Clearly this is an APM issue. Could you please provide a link to the discussion where you expect to receive the answer from the dev team? Maybe it would make sense to escalate it up to a Github issue.


Thank you for helping me out on this.  I think that once the APM side get to use the Zubax it will make a difference.

Perfect, what are the parameter changes needed? RB

Hope this link works, let me know if you need any other info.


   parameter GPS_TYPE set to 9 and UAVCAN responds to traffic.  Very short test flight this morning with Zubax installed and all works as expected.  Thanks for your help and I will do some comparison testing soon and get the word out.


That's great! Glad it works for you now. I'm going to add a short tutorial to explaining how to configure APM for use with Zubax GNSS.

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