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Allot of people have been using, and writing sotware for the xbox 360 kinect, because after all it has a 3d camera array, and a USB connector. you can get one on ebay for $30 or so used....and the power adapter for 5.99. I did a search first for abox 360 pc kinect and it came up with These new $200 models. Which I imagine justifies the cost of such an expensive item...but there the same thing as the Xbox units you can get used! in fact thats where it all started anyways. MS just saw PC users using the sensors, and wrote a driver for the PC for the public.....It; just much cheaper npw that the one is out to get a used 360 kinect.....or get the 360 too for that matter! As a media center you cant beat them. They stream from my network better then my Xbox one does.....Too bad I was quick to sell it, but ohh well.

Theres plenty of software out there.....people making 3d printed statues of their kids as they roll around a bar stool slowly torso and up.3691140152?profile=original


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  • I have played with a couple of 3D scanners.  I have tried using the Kinect from an XBox 360 and a 3D systems 3D sense scanner.  My impression is they are all fairly lacking at this point.  They do OK to poorly at scanning artistic type objects, like people or statues and such.  They do horribly and are unusable at trying to scan precise objects you might need for a UAV.  Something as simply as scanning a box shaped object ends in a misshapen lump.

    My opinion is you are far better off just taking measurements and building it up in something like sketchup

    Dont bother with the 3D sense.  It really is just a repackaged Connect.  From what I could tell, it even uses a repackaged, but just as buggy version of the Skanect software used to interface to the Kinect.

  • I did not know that...but 99% of the software out there was written with the xbox version. They have changed the lenses....but then again when I had my 360 I had a lens adapter for small rooms.

    So I think It's more then worth it to give the Xbox version a shot. It is (Again) what all the software was written on ....(Mostly open source) so it should be sufficent.

    • Yes it could worth it but just understand the operating characteristics and structure your use-case for it.

  • Just to clarify the windows kinect and the xbox kinect are are different. The windows version has a much closer detection range than the xbox version. It is expected that the user of the windows version will be closer to the kinect than a person playing games on the xbox were they are expected to be standing while interaction with the device. This is all about the version 1 device and not about the next generation device that Microsoft is fixing to release. Microsoft has not published any specs on a windows version that I have seen.

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