My Latest 3D Printed Hexa Flyer

Hi Folks,

Here are some pictures of my almost completed Tri/Hexacopter.

To work around the size limitations, I've made the arms in pieces.  They are now actually extendable.  The truss design means that they are very stiff, especially in the vertical axis.

Hopefully be flying very soon!








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  • 3692543691?profile=originalHere's a picture of the new anti-vibration system I came up with, for the controller board.  Shock absorbers.

  • 100% fill?  Damn that must take forever.  Do you really need that much structure?  I'm printing my arms at 10% and even though ill probably go with 25% I'm pretty sure they will be fine.  The bit of flex might (or might not) add to stability.  We will see.  Looks like yours isn't to far away from flight.  Looking forward to it.

  • Looking great. What 3D printer are you using? Just curious as I'm looking to purchase one soon.
  • I like it!  Smart idea to make the arms modular.  What is the print time?  And how much does it weigh?

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