Drones for wineries

I see that we can create orthomosaics for farms, and potentially NDVI maps using camera hacks. What are the other practical possibilities at the moment for using drone with wineries. Are there any sensors which can tell us about soil, water etc?

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  • We are estimating the density of photosynthetically active biomass trough leaf colouration and harvest potential.
    We use observational technology to generate insights on water management, disease prevention and even warn you about potential problems and therefore provide you with healthier crops and bigger yields.
    We are providing our services in a number of crops and we are also about to do a joint venture for Chilenian wineries, our website is http://sprayingdrone.com
    • Hi Martin,

      Can you help me find some reading material regarding harvest potential as it relates to observed photosynthetic biomass. 

      Having a little trouble finding anything useful. I fully understand the spectral significance here, but I'm sure there are many fine points to reading the imaging. 

  • Check out this company that does drone mapping specifically for wineries.

    What types of specific data are you looking to collect? This would ultimately lead to the type of payload you will be looking for: NIR, hyperspectral, multispectral, optical... Try looking at what platforms people use in this group for their farms, check the data that they are collecting and if it will be useful and feasible for your operation.

  • 100KM
    I've heard some people use infra red cameras to detect flooded or dry areas. I'm not sure how successful they are?
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