Our exclusive RF-70 fixed wing is about to land soon... stay tuned. It's the only 2.0 density foam plane I know of and it is tough as nails. Email me for details: phil@roboflight.com  and visit us at Facebook   @roboflight      We also process and store imagery on our private servers. "Who is RoboFlight?" 







• Uniquely constructed of 2.0 density EPP foam for extreme durability 

• Wing and fuselage are covered in light weight revolutionary rubberized paint in place of heavy, tedious to apply laminate film
• Up to 4 configurable storage payload compartments 
• Easily replaceable verticals fins that also serve as landing skids for additional fuselage protection
• Reinforced leading edges on wings for added protection
• Durable balsa elevons for responsive flight control
• Single servo cable plug-in for connecting wings to fuselage
• Unmanned and autonomous flight as well as “Fly By Wire” mode
• Telemetry system, GPS, autopilot and mission planning software included for easy mapping 
• 600-750 average mapped acres per hour on a single battery (@ 400’ AGL)
• 2-4 pound average sensor payload with up to 60 minutes battery endurance (capable of longer duration with additional battery)
• Flight tested up to 30 mph winds (possibly higher)
• Aircraft dry weight of 6 pounds
• 70” Wingspan
• Breaks down to three components for easy transport (two wings, fuselage)
• Features “loop and hook” wing connectors for easy wing assembly 


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  • what has happened to this Aircraft? Their website seems dead

  • EPP is great stuff. We use it for the core of our Lynx airframe and then add Kevlar. http://swiftradioplanes.com/

    • When you say Exclusive does it mean you have a patent for the design? It looks just like a Ritewing Z3

  • My first attempts at laminating bubbled as well. The trick is to prepare the surface with something that the laminate adheres to well. There are a couple of options.


    I'm looking forward to seeing what you have on the way. Best wishes, D

  • The RF70 is superb. I want one please. Well done to you guys at RoboFlight!

    However, dishing the Z3 is not necessary.  I think both are excellent platforms if used appropriately. The Z3 sure is a nice hobby/FPV plane, but it is definitely not limited to that role. In fact, it is highly versatile, with an airfoil that works well for AP. The RF70 is of course capable of carrying more payload for longer, which can be important for certain applications.The smaller Z3 is more like the well-loved and proven Zephyr 2 in its payload capacity and size, but it flies even better than the Zephyr 2 and the elongated nose gives it more versatility in payload and power options. It is convenient and cost-effective for jobs where its size is appropriate. Professionals would probably want to have access to both types for use in different applications. 

    I agree with Phil on most points, but not that a "rubberized" (Plasti-dip?) coating is an advantage over laminate. It may help in keeping manufacturing costs down. However, laminate outperforms rubber coatings by a looooong shot, and it is NOT heavy. I know because I tried it both ways. Leading edges reinforced with 10 mil laminate last indefinitely, even when landed regularly in brush and stubble. I have a plane that was coated in plasti-dip. It took only a few landings to get dinged up. I covered it with laminate and guess what: no more dings and dents! If you use something other than Plasti-dip, please let us know.

    Here is my review of the Z3:


  • Beautiful Ritewing Z3 design from Chris  ? 



    • Great looking plane. Is it 70" wingspan? 2.0 density foam?

    • I was speaking only about Design that is great.

      All Ritewing design fly very very well and that is a very good point for you.

      For sur, your high density foam is a must !

    • Agree on all thoughts!!

  • Having studied this RF-70 @ 20,000USD, and your Skywalker X-8 @ $12,500USD, excluding services, I just cannot rationalize your pricing structure.

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