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Greetings from Texas, 

Not sure if anyone is running PIX4D however I am not sure why but I am getting bad results with my data. I am flying 3dr Solo with GoPro4 with 5.4MM Lens. I am flying at 300ft with 70% sidelap taking pictures every two seconds. Below is a sample image along with details from PIX4d. The final orthophoto shows items that are east of the residence on the west side. I am not sure if I am geotagging wrong or using the wrong datums or coordinate systems. 




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  • Developer

    Mission planner generates a kml file on the original picture folder. you can use that file to check the position of the pictures. If you are geotagging using the time offset you may have to tweak it to get the right geotag position. 

  • How are you acquiring Ground Control Points? Are you inputting the LOG files from the copter? 

    • I am pulling the Tlog files from the folder on my tablet. I am using 3dr Tower ap to execute auto mission. I am then using Mission Planner to geotag. 


    • Your Pix4D screen shows no GCP's. You will need those for accuracy. Are you pairing the log files with the pictures inside of Pix4D? You should be pairing inside the software for a good stitch. 

    • Jimmy, 

      Thanks for your input. I am new to some of this. I was under the impression that when I got the final ortho I could go back and georeference in qgis or Arcgis. I am wondering if I am getting a bad offset. My tablet and go pro are in sync within a second. When I click on the red dot in pix4d the pictures do not appear to match up. What type of offset should I get ?

    • First: Pull logs files from copter only.

      Second: Upload pictures to P4D

      Third: Upload log files to sync with pictures

      Fourth: Input GPC's 

      You also have an option to pic what camera was used to take the bend out (if a go pro) I have to choose a different camera because my go pro is modified. 

      Make sure to pay attention to the phases of processing. Do them one at a time to keep your computer from exploding. Once done with one step of processing, uncheck it. 

      When I get all of these factors right, in order, it produces great results and there is no need for further processing with other programs. 

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