University Project on agriculture quadcopter

hi everyone
I am a new member here and I like the way people help each other here by replying to posts.
I am a final year student of electrical engineering and I am planning to buy a quadcopter and implement GPS module on it so that it can take co-ordinates from the laptop and do an automated flight. Also I want to implement a spraying equipment on it to spray pesticides.
I have done my research and I found out that mostly pesticide spraying quadcopters cost $3000 for a payload of 2kg.
I need your help in my project. Can you recommend me how to move on with this venture. I will buy a quadcopter. Do you recommend me any cheap copter and it will be great.

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    • I have sent you a message on whatsapp as well.

  • Interesting comment snodgrass, not sure if I trust parts that are that cheap. 

    This guys project is not building a quad but its application and having gone to school I can imagine an Enginering student will have better things to do than turn screws and mount components.

    Also, to anyone offering a heavy UAV,

    FAA does not permit any flight above 55lbs. 

    While it is facinating that you made a 120lb payload drone, it is very illegal to fly one at this time.

    Its not responsible to throwing suggestions like that around either. People will go and begin to create a bad name for the industry or worse yet hurt themselves or someone else.

    • Dear Justin,
      Thank you for your input but no need to point and shoot at us, most of us are not even providing this service in the USA at this time, this is something that the FAA is working on regulating but they have no idea how to do it, I have no doubt in my mind that it will change for the better, at this point is just a lot easier to just make them "illegal" so they can just take them down no questions asked, however is for the better, so the legislation is already changing.
  • Yeah but since is this project for a university and hes going for electrical engineering in school then He is going to need to build one himself.  BTW, The frame I showed in a hex design which would give you 2 more motors for lifting power and  is available for $10 more in a hex...And would cost about $40-60 more for 2 engines and ESCS  (THey have packs that sell 6 for only $20 more which I can find if you want..

    Oh and finally you will need a battery. I would get the Turnigy Nano-Tech 3S 6000mah on Amazon.

    Feel Free to Msg me if you need any help.

    • Yes and thank you for offering your help . I am sending you a PM right now.

  • Oh, if you can also post a link to one of these Sprayer Drones that would be very helpful too.

  • Hello,

    Depending on what your goals are with this multirotor, there are 2 directions to go in.

    1) PROOF OF CONCEPT: You're testing your sprayer idea and your drone will not be designed to service a large area.

    2) APPLICATION READY MODEL: You are using the drone to cover a significant area and carry significant payloads.

    I've just started a company custom building drones to unique applications such as this. I have designed a base model drone that is intended to define the standard in productive drones. Here are some points about my drone, but keep in mind that we can adjust the features for you, which will determine the required price.

    The Power System is efficient and capable of productively flying larger cameras and larger gimbals. The drone needs to have enough power and propeller area to be able to provide a useful flight time with a larger payload.

    The Automation System is really what you are paying for and ours is not only powerful but secure. Your drone returning to you depends on the automation. Our flight controller is the best available and our Telemetry/Control link is so powerful that it reaches far outside the flight range of the drone(up to 40km (24.9 Miles) depending on antennas and interference).

    The Video Signal we use is 5.8Ghz an ranges 2km - 6km(1.25 - 3.75 miles) depending on antennas and interference.

    The GPS we use is a Ublox M8n which is clearly of higher precision than the Ublox 6 or 7 models when you view the data sheet.

    The motors are made in America and are very high quality. The bearings are quality and you can right away see the purity of the copper wire in terms of its color. Cheap copper wire mixes in Tin, making it less orange, less conductive, less efficient.

    In conclusion: there are many aspects to consider for your drone. Send me a message and let me know what features you need and which ones you dont.

    How much is the total weight of the loaded chemical sprayer apparatus? (ex 1500g)

    What area will be sprayed with one payload?  (ex 1 Football field or 1.33 acres)

    Total area to be sprayed by the drone? ( 100 acres per week)

          - If the area is very large then a wing drone will make more sense than a multi-rotor

    Hope that isnt too much of a rant. There is much more to say of course but skype can help with that. My company just formed in April 2015 and I'm looking forward to helping people like yourself have a easy entry into the drone market.

    Please send me your contact info so we can chat more

    Justin Owens

    Please check out STRATOS at

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You want your signal to be strong enough that you never run into the edge of you range. More than enough signal power is just enough signal power.

    Be careful of clones electronics if your drone is worth much money. I've had a great time with them on my recreational models but they burned up after about 9 months. 

  • I have that 3DR frame...But Honestly ALLOT of people run the Generic Flamewheel f450 for $15! on AMAZON. You can buy 2 so youll have spare parts! Then pick up 4 DJI motors and 4 ESC's on ebay For $78

    That frame has a built in Power Distribution in the frame itself so no fuss there. Pic up a Pixhawk from 3DR or from Ebay HERE: This Pack comes with GPS, Telemetry air and ground (so your laptop/Tablet can link with your bird and you can even fly it from that), mininum OSD And a Vibration Dampener. Plus allot more goodies like a GPS stand and the whole 9. That one is $199 but it ships from US and the Telemetry alone is usually $70 and the GPS $50

    So thats A complete setup (minus the Radio) with all the trimmings for maybe $70 more then you were going to spend for a frame.

    For a Radio I would Recomend the 9XR from hobbyking ($65) Or AMAZON HERE and the Frsky DJT model that plugs into the back of (another $38) and A Reciever that will work with the Pixhawk I like the X8R but this one iswhat most people use

    OR If you just want A FrSky Radio that come with the BEST RX and Telemetry You could always just get The Frsky Here at $289 its a bit more $$ But it comes with the modules, the best Receiver and its a damn fine radio.

    Even if choose the  most expensive route I've layed out your under $550 and you have all top notch stuff. If your into 3D printing There allot of cool ad-dons for that frame, like ESC clips, And even a conversion to round carbon fiber arms! I did that to a couple of mine and I am Impressed. Plus the even make a full on cover for all the electronics with a hole for the camera AND Telemetry. Plus you can print orr buy landing leg extension to raise it up...Or full on skids to get it way up from any event the motors are matched for that frame, and you can convert to hex easily enough if your need more lifting power....And NOTHING beats  Pixhawk. Oh and one more think......Ive built a number of these.....and I bought about 4 for spare parts given the price....But I have yet to actually break one!

    • Wow that is a lot of information. I like the pixhawk link which you sent me. But on ebay i have heard there are a lot of scams. Are you sure it is a verified dealer?
      secondly I am looking for a frame like this one. But one just for the quadcopter.


  • Hi,

    If this is you are just getting familiar with them, I would suggest you to start small for testing purposes, as it could save you money if you crash a $150 frame instead of a full sized copter.

    You will need a high pressure but light weight pump, I have seen 3d printed pumps with low kv outrunner motors, I think it's worth to look into those as they can be very light and powerful.

    I have been working on a similar project for commercial purposes, my site is


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