University Project on agriculture quadcopter

hi everyone
I am a new member here and I like the way people help each other here by replying to posts.
I am a final year student of electrical engineering and I am planning to buy a quadcopter and implement GPS module on it so that it can take co-ordinates from the laptop and do an automated flight. Also I want to implement a spraying equipment on it to spray pesticides.
I have done my research and I found out that mostly pesticide spraying quadcopters cost $3000 for a payload of 2kg.
I need your help in my project. Can you recommend me how to move on with this venture. I will buy a quadcopter. Do you recommend me any cheap copter and it will be great.

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  • I dunno, you may want to go with a multicopter. Or maybe a maybe an octocopter with 4 arms and motors on top and bottom.

    • we are trying to make a smaller version to save cost just as a proof of concept.

    We had our project defense presentation today and we successfully defended our idea. Now I want to buy a frame. 
    It should be something like that with a small tank having capacity of 0.5 kg. IT should be a quadcopter not a multicopter.


  • I like the choice of your project.

    I'm an engineering student as well and I'm looking to do something related to drones for my engineering (final year) capstone project.

    I'm interested in how this plays out -- keep us updated!


    • Surely i will keep you updated.

    • I surely will Keith.

      send me an email if you'd like me to add you to an update list.

      I'm a physics major but aeronautics has been a life long experience for me. Seems you have viewed the website, I would appreciate any input you can provide. Designing a quality drone has been a huge undertaking and I'm not sure that the value of these parts are well articulated.

      Articulating the value of my parts and design may be better expressed if I describe the development process and the logic that went into each part. ("I bought the bad stuff to test and see whats wrong, stayed up late doing some figurin in my head, Then I bought the good stuff with the right power and proportions."  Thats a vast oversimplification but it is a one sentence answer to the "how or why did you design a drone")

      I'm going to be updating the website with new photo and video content today.

      New landing gear, 2 Gimbal options, battery is relocated and everything is cleaned up.

      Keith what were you thinking for you project? What kind of engineering do you do? 

      Projects can involve programming, sensors, power system, or payload clasping/releasing. There are a few gems that I'm not going to mention on forum :D   Perhaps we can work together.

      I have several items that I am trying to get time to work. If there is anything I can do to assist you plz let me know.

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    You need to specify (as Justin said) if you are building this as a proof of concept, or business-ready platform?

    I ended up yanking a windshield washer pump out of a car we use at the fire station for extrication training. I don't have any details on the volume or overall weight, but it's very light and has impressive output. 

    Sorry for the poor quality video - My partner lives in the stone age. 

    -Actually, the video isn't even really worth attaching, but the giggle is funny. 

    • Thank's for share your idea Mario, I'm going to investigate what I can find here and try with my cuad for hobby at first.

  • Martin Z

    Thanks for catching me on that. Rereading my comment I can see how that seemed a bit "point and shoot" as you said.

    Sorry, ddnt mean to come off that way. My tone was definitely off.

    Have a great week guys.

  • Taha .

    Email me and we can setup a meet somewhere this weekend.


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