Commercial use of drones in farms and other agriculture

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  • Mario, A lot of chromatic aberration in that image. A good lens for UAV's will not need to be refocused. You can set it and get clear images no matter the height over the object.
  • Thanks Mario! Looks good, it is a bit blurry.

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    Still trying to get the focus right, but here is a single image from the MAPIR over a stubble field. 

    Blurry, but getting better. It's a lot of trial and error to get it set for 118m. 

  • I just posted a long-winded discussion "The right tool for the job" to throw my thoughts of this recent discussion into the ring. I welcome feedback and comments.

  • Is it just me or anyone else finding it difficult to follow all these conversation on the comment wall on this group? Why don't we create appropriate threads in the forum which makes it easier to follow..?

  • Index in NDVI is a set of numbers assigned to various aspects of what is radiometrically imaged from water to green plants. Originally used to determine green plant viability.

    A single sensor can be used but a monochrome would give the best results allowing utilization of the entire sensor. However well designed multi sensor cameras will provide faster and more accurate results.

    I have used machine vision cameras to also inspect and sort food for a number of years.

    There are a number of indexes to determine food health & viability.

    Currently some vineyards are using LWIR to determine the water content of their grapes.
  • Well, lets have a conversation about what the differences between these systems might be.

    I'll volunteer to put my neck on the chopping block and start that conversation............

    My understanding is this maybe something like.

    1. What 'index' means in NDVI or rather wraping some numbers around our data to obtain a value of variance?
    2. Can a single sensor system, with or without a Bayer filter, ever give anything that could be called an index?
    3. Would an agronomist base a decision on $M1/2 worth of cotton using data from a $300 sensor or is this type of thing more of a (potentially useful) general crop heath scouting tool?

    I think the potential conflict here is some people are talking about point 2. above and some are talking about point 3.

    Any one care to reply? (Neck still on the block and I'm sweating now!!)

  • I am not selling anything. I am offering information that will eventually trickle down to this market, 10-15 years from now. MAPIRS imaging is what I worked on about 15 years ago.

    My newest Visible/NIR/SWIR lens covering 400-1700nm is $1800. No one here can afford one, however it is in a design in to replace the PVS-14. It will trickle down this market in 10-15 years.
  • You have to understand that many are starting out so budgets are tight. No one is saying the stuff you are selling isn't of higher quality. If a person is well established I am sure that they would be happy to invest in such equipment and maybe even better. It's like trying to sell an Arri to a student filmmaker. It is a waste of time for both involved. 

  • Open your mind! (and your wallet)

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Ground Station for Spraying Drone

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drone for spraying olive trees

by mistake i sent this to the group was a message...sorry about thatlooking to build a drone with a 5 lit tank for spraying olives trees due to the difficulty for a tractor to approachi have experience  building drones for the last 7 years but this is differentso  any links to guide me through are welcomethanks in advance 

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