The main feature for this release is something Randy asked me to add: Good on  screen joysticks.  I had played with screen joysticks before but wasn't really happy with them - I think the solution I've put together is actually quite pleasant for flying.  I suspect you could fly a quad easily with them (but be very careful the first time you try using this feature).  The reason I like these joysticks:
* They are translucent overlays which appear over the main screen
* They use haptic feedback to provide good 'feel' to the user so you can sense when you cross over the trim line at the middle of an axis.

Ok - back to scripting and mavstation tasks...

Full release notes:
# 1.6.01
* Add on-screen joysticks (Choose 'show joystick' from menu - when holding tablet in landscape mode)
* Make joysticks appear as a translucent overlay
* Add haptic feedback to let user feel when they cross the zero position on sticks
* Add support for backup service (so prefs will be restored if phone gets replaced)

You'll need to join a special G+ group (the slick new way Google allows users to opt-in for beta test builds).  Instructions here.

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  • I am trying to use with rover. I am not able to go in reverse. Is there a solution?

  • Just wanted to confirm that the autopilot will not arm ("Failure to arm - Bad throttle") if you do not have a RC transmitter and only using the onscreen joysticks?

    Is this because as it states on the wiki "have your radio at the ready this is BETA code!"?

  • Ok, so far the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 works great! On android 4.1.2. Only issue is i cant display overlay joysticks. Is it possible that it's treated like a phone? Can you enable the joysticks on phones? thanks!

  • Developer

    thanks all - most feedback addressed in the just released 1.6.02

  • Fantastic.. Remember been requesting this from you first time you came up with Andropilot... Took a bit of while, eh.  Next in line would be the 3 x 3-way toggle switches, 3 x 2-way toggle switches, 2 sliders and Andropilot will be perfect!  To booth, drivers for LRS transceivers.  Good job.

  • Hi Kevin. Downloaded 1.6.01 on my Galaxy S3 but I'm not able to activate on-screen joysticks.

    In setting menu Show Joystick is always disabled and I can't tick it.

    Is it available only for tablets?

    Another it available only mode2? Here in Europe many people are using mode3.


  • Developer

    btw: If you move your RC sticks, the on screen sticks should show their movement as well.  If you press on the screen joystick you will override what the RC is doing.

  • Moderator

    I'm putting my hex back together so will give this a go when done.

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