1.6.02 now up for beta testers

Thanks for the good feedback - I think this small update should address most comments... 1.6.02 now up on google.  If you joined the beta test group give it a few hours and it should automatically go to your phone (or you can log in and force an update).

# 1.6.02
* Fix problems where the screen joysticks directions could be reversed
* Add an on-screen panic button to cancel RC override
* Allow phone sized devices to show joysticks (in landscape orientation)
If someone else can confirm that the screen joysticks work well for them (_be careful_) I'll promote this build to not be a beta...

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  • My Comments on 1.6.02

    First Kevin thanks for a great app....I am running megapirateng on a crius v2 board....9xr radio...I have both a Pipo-s2 and a Droid Razr Maxx.with 3dr Bluetooth bridge connectivity...I can't get the joystick to appear on Razr Maxx 4.2 screen...On the Pipo with a 4:3 1024X768 screen it looks a little cramped when I I turn on joystick...not sure you have config for 4:3 1024x768 any event the joystick will appear on pipo but when I try to throttle up the motors do not spin....I can use RC 9xr with no problems....I did notice that the copter will disarm sometimes when I tried to use rc panic all this could be related to megapirateng but andropilot has worked flawlessly with it up till now...I also have a Galaxy 2 which I will test with later and report back to you...Regards,Paul

  • Hi Kevin,

    My thoughts on 1.6.02

    1) Portrait mode on Nexus 7 no longer works. Just a black screen with no Google Earth and one can not switch between screen modes like before

    2) Throttle - zero at midstick is a bit bothersome as it is VERY easy to drop the throttle to zero without even hardly trying

    3) Yaw scaling is not proportional to joystick input. zero to max in a heartbeat

    4) Servo directions ARE working properly now.

    5) It appears that the joystick issue of being greyed out and only randomly appearing is now fixed on Nexus 7

    6) Disconnect button works like a charm

    Couple of concerns:

    Is there a way to program a "lock" on landscape mode when using joystick? I did have the program bomb ("Unfortunately Andopilot has stopped working" message) when I switched from landscape to portrait (I tried this even though portrait mode is not working for me). My fear is that there will be a glitch on transfer from landscape mode to portrait mode which could render the disconnect unusable , thereby no control from any source.

    And lastly, probably not possible,... but what to do if Andropilot does bomb while on joysticks? Not sure if there is a clever way to program the model to go into some kind of failsafe...

    Thanks for the improvements! Andropilot is exciting!


  • Developer

    Thanks Kevin for this update!

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