1.9.06 Andropilot: Cool new feature "Spectator mode"

Hi ya'll,


So the 1.9.06 beta adds a new menu option called 'Read only'.  If you turn this option on you can then give the tablet/phone to any random stranger and they can do only 'read only' things - all the usual features work (map, hud, telemetry, voice warnings etc...) but at a protocol level it prevents sending any packets to the vehicle (other than required heartbeats).

This is useful for the following:

  • Allows you to use andropilot with any mavlink based autopilot (not just APM based) (if you find problems, please send me an email or post)
  • You can let non pilots play with the tablet (though of course, it is presumed that your friend isn't going to dive deep into the menus to turn read-only back off)
  • If you have any doubts at all about what andropilot is doing with your vehicle, you can put your mind at ease ;-) 

Available now for beta testers, or about a week from now for general availability.

# 1.9.6
* Support 'spectator/read-only mode'. The new 'Read Only' menu item will switch Andropilot into a mode where it _never_ sends packets to the vehicle. This is useful for vehicles that only have a one-way radio link

# 1.9.5
* Support the new px4 USB device IDs (reenables direct USB connection to Pixhawk) (Thanks for the report Tridge)
* Support VERY small screens (320x240) with a special UI (move bluetooth options into menu etc...) (Thanks Rory San Miguel)
* Better support for nvidia shield
* Prompt for arm & disarm in the menu (thanks Edgar)
* Do not allow arming (from andropilot only) if the vehicle is not level (thanks Craig Baldwin for the idea)

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