Andropilot 1.7.08

Tested today new 1.7.08 version.

Great idea to have some big buttons to invoke LOITER, RTL and AUTO...but the bad news is that very often you need to disconnect and reconnect telemetry module in order to make it working.

It seems that app looses connection  with telemetry and everything stop working. You can't send commands and you do not receive any status change. You just need to disconnect and reconnect  telemetry module and magically app responds again...pretty strange...

Is it possible to go back to previous version?



Thanks again Kevin for developing and improving this great app.

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  • Developer
     Very interesting - Gary reported similar behavior with this beta-only release (which I'm having a hard time reproducing.  Do you mind if I make a special build for you that sends me the debug logs from your tablet?)  
    In the meantime you can leave the beta test group (URL below) and then uninstall/reinstall and you'll get the latest non beta version.  Thanks so much for your work!
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