Kevin- here is the link to the .tlog file... I have also noticed that numerous small-sized files are created for each flight... some of them .tlog... some of them *.tlog.tmp. Using a Nexus 7. Most often the "good" .tlog file is created with a "*.tlog.tmp" suffix and I have to rename to get rid of the ".tmp" portion. This all came up because we are trying to geotag (using ctrl+f in Mission Planner) the photos taken from Andropilot and there are some anomaly's between the Andropilot .tlogs vs. the APM .tlogs. Thanks much. -Steve


Does anyone know why .tlog files (the attached .tlog GE screenshot created in Andropilot) contain so many "unknown" flight conditions?

***Kevin, Andropilot rocks!


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