Deleting Waypoints


Im really jazzed about this app.  It is so much better than lugging a computers to the field. 

Im new to the forum and Andropilot so I apologize if this thread has been covered somewhere, it just can seem to find the information. 

Anyhow,  the issue I am having is the ability to delete waypoints and then a  set a new set of waypoints  for a new mission.  It seems that most of the time when I delete them from the waypoint list I still see them on the overlay over the map.   The screen needs to be refreshed somehow and the only way I can seem refresh the screen is close the program and then open it again.  Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong? Sometimes I cant even delete the waypoints from the waypoint list.  

If there is any help out there it would be much appreciated.




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  • How about being able to move home. I need to be able to do this since I dont always launch at my landing site?
  • Developer

    Thanks all for the detailed reports!  I busted wp editing in the .12 release, .14 is up now but it will take a few hours to work through the googles...

    # 1.4.14
    * I broke waypoint editing in 1.4.12 - fixed
    * Fix problem of not creating temp directories on some tablets
    * Fix a couple of rare autobugs
    * Sorry Rana: I still haven't figured out what causes UDP upload from the tablet to not work in mission planner (I'm working on another cool APM based project now, when I get back to Andropilot next week I'll fix...)

  • Developer

    Hmm - that sounds strange.  Can you reply with a couple of more bits of data:

    * What version of andropilot are you using (go to settings / applications / andropilot) to see this info

    * So when you delete a waypoint from the list, it doesn't get removed from the map?

    (Can someone else confirm this problem?  It seems okay to me)

  • Andropilot is really great...but I think that mission planning has to be improved:

    1 - when you add or delete a waypoint you need always to refresh the screen closing and opening  the app; if you need to plan a complete mission with several waypoints this is a bit annoying

    2 - you can't clear the mission deleting all the waypoints with one button; so, if you want to plan a completely new mission or you need a clear map (for guided mode) you have to close and open Andropilot a lot of times to delete all the wp  before writing the new ones

    Let's hope Kevin will have a look to these user interface improvements.


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