Elcheapo cell phone mount for RC TX

I am using a Turnigy Tx units with the ER9X upgrade.  I did not want a bulky mount for my Samsung 4 cell phone for the 3 DR system so this is what I did with plywood scraps, velcro, and zip ties.  The long antenna is a true 1/4 wave length that I made(the supplied ones are useless).  It may look a little long but the range is awesome. I plan on re-disging the antenna so it mounts in a more vertical orientation.




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  • Very nice.  I spent $12 to buy a mount off ebay that looks like it will work about the same as yours.  I could have saved $12.  Could you post a few more pics (1 of the right side of the phone and one straight on of the back)?  Or you could PM them to me if that is possible.  I'd like to discuss the antenna with you if you wouldn't mind?  Will send an invite so PM is possible.  Cheers.


  • Developer

    Cool!  Thanks for the photos!

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