Regarding using a camera with Andropilot:  Still don't yet have a copter so just trying to get my mind around how this will work.  Let's say I have a camera mounted on the front of my copter and it is fixed in a single position (ie. no gimbal).  If I want to fly around a central point and program in waypoints surrounding that central point, can I force the copter to fly from waypoint to waypoint always with it facing in toward the center point?  In essence, this would be flying the entire route with the side acting as if it was the front (leading edge).  Is this possible to do in autopilot?  If it won't do this in autopilot mode, can the operator adjust the attitude of the copter as it flies an autopiloted route?  As an example...let's say the copter is flying from point A to point B and the altitude is set to go from 50 meters (point A) to 100 meters (point B).  As the copter in en route between the two points, can the operator force a manual adjustment in the altitude, or yaw the aircraft as it flies without it taking it out of the programed route from A to B?

In short, once a programmed route is set, can adjustments be made while the aircraft flies the route without those adjustments in essence canceling the route?

Thanks in advance.

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  • I think that CIRCLE mode and ROI event in Mission Planner can be a solution to your request. For planning ROI event it is better to use Mission Planner than Andropilot.

  • The circle function on Michael Osborne's Mission planner does this on both the All In One Pro and the DIY drone board.

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