Guided Mode

Using last Arducopter sw versions (I'm using Arducopter 32 ver. 3.1 on VRBRAIN) I notice that GUIDED Mode procedure is not working like before.

To go in GUIDED Mode I was using this procedure:

1 - Arm the copter

2 - Set GUIDED Mode using Andropilot

3 - raise throttle a little

at this point  copter was taking off at the altitude defined in Andropilot settings, waiting for the next command.

Now this proc is not working anymore (at list in my configuration). Copter very often stays where it is with motors running. It seems that it does not know at what altitude it has to go. If I set GUIDED Mode while copter is aloft, it lands.

I found that this procedure is working always well:

1 - Arm the copter

2 - raise copter and set it in LOITER aloft

3 - set a target on Andropilot map and define a altitude

4 - invoke Andropilot GO TO command

Copter will rotate and it will move to the target at the correct altitude.

...probably this last proc was the most correct way to go in Guided Mode from the beginning, even with the old firmware versions...but I think that this post can be useful for other friends that were using my former procedure...

Thanks again Kevin for your great sw 


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