How to UDP Uplink/Downlink?

About 1-2 weeks ago, I tried to use the system to actually connect to my quad for the first time.

I have an SGS2, with an OTG cable and 3DR Radio, and an Asus TF700 pad that I wanted to use and don't have an OTG for.

I managed to get the phone to connect to the APM no problem.  There appears to be horrible latency in the HUD, but I guess that's normal for 4.1?

However, I couldn't figure out how to do the UDP uplink/downlink thing.  I had my phone as a wireless hotspot, and the TF700 was getting internet data through it.  But I couldn't get any mavlink data in it, the Andropilot app was dead.  I played with the IP addresses, but I'm not super clear about this part.  Port?  No idea, but they both had the same number.  Which is uplink, which is downlink?  Tried both ways, no luck.

I read the wiki but couldn't find anything, so unless it's been added recently... how do you do this?

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  • Could I use UDP forwarding function to send DATA to an antenna tracker device, for exemple?


  • So, any news on this front yet?  Wanting to get Andropilot going on my tablet that I don't have a OTG for.

  • So are there yet any instructions on how to make the UDP connection?  I haven't tried again since writing this.  If this "just works" on new Andropilot releases, great.  But I haven't seen any info.

  • Haven't tried just that kind of udp forwarding. I managed to get PC Mission planner connection to Andropilot.

    I opened PC Firewall IP and port to outside world. and configured andropilot to get connection to same IP/port.

    I have separate wlan network at home.

    It's possible you need port forwarder like in your tab. 

    It's also good to check tab's IP by

  • Again wishing i could be more help, i can only confirm that my HUD has horrible latency too, that's on a Tab2, direct UTG connection or via the xbees. Strangley the HUD latency reduces after a minute of 2 of use, but it's still awful.


    Have you tried the UDP thing in mission planner, if you can get that to work it may help you along?! I tried briefly, but couldn't.


    For info i flew a 747-400 today, in a full size boeing licensed simulator.


    I only got to look at the beautiful wrap around graphical landscapes for about 30 seconds of a 30 minute flight, the whole of the rest of it was done with eyes glued to the flight data screens and gauges.


    I now realise the true capability of an auto pilot, it was amazing. I was plotting live waypoints, then the 'flight director' was providing live info to the HUD to show me where my nose should be pointed and at what angle. I even had a 'full manual' switch that would allow me stall the thing if i screwed up badly enough. Fab fun.


    It just showed me how great an HUD can be - much more accurate than my excitable human judgement gaping out the window. It would be great if the andropilot HUD was faster, is there a reason why andropilot HUD updates are much slower than MP? Is it the tablet?


    Sorry that was rather skimming the topic, but i just had to tell someone.





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