Log issue

Today I figured out a strange behavior in the Flight Mode information while reviewing the flight log at Mission Planner application.

During all the log the Flight Mode information keep changing status between current status ( MANUAL, STABILIZED, AUTO,...) to "UNKNOWN". Also the ARMED or DISARMED status was changing too.

My concern is about the real situation happening in the plane. Is this a log failure or the flight mode was really changing all the time?

Attached the log file for analisys.






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  • Developer

    Hi Marcos,

    The logs are actually fine.  This is due to a bug in mission planner playback.  

    The long answer:

    vehicles and GCSes send 'heartbeat' packets.  The mission planner playback code is misinterpreting the heartbeat packet from Andropilot (normally MP doesn't store packets from the GCS in its log files, so it wasn't expecting to see this packet).

    I took the liberty of uploading your tlog to droneshare and it seems okay.

  • Here is my tlog with the same problem during replay. No problem in flight. Copter works great.



  • I noticed the same strange behavior playing Andropilot logs but I suspected that was due to my MegaPirate Ng configuration.

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