# 1.0.05
* Fix an autoreported bug which apparently only occurs on android 4.1.1/4.1.2. If you have _any_ crashes on the app now, please post in the group with
your phone model, time of crash UTC and what you were doing. Hopefully I can knock any last ones down.

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  • T3


    You had mentioned here

    that you were looking for someone to do some simple coding to get into Android. Did that get done? If not, I would still be interested.

  • Kevin,


    Theory confirmed! It was the TX problem.

    Well, at least now we know we may have a slave Andropilot reading some data (if the TX pin was not connected) without interference in a main controller.

    Let's find out another issue to dip!



  • This problem can be related with APM hardware version? Maybe the way the APM 1 save data is a little bit different from latter versions, causing some mess in the Andropilot interpretation.

  • As Mark Colwell said here, he did Andropilot working with his Samsung Galaxy S3 V4.1.1, so I need to make it too.

    I did hard reset, update Google Maps and Google Services, install only Andropilot, but it still not wI can connect to APM, get all initialization messages, the overview show data, HUD shows plane's attitude and RF Channel shows raw data, but parameter list and waypoint list doesn't show data, only that annoying running circle.


    I have no idea where to start looking about this issue. Any clue?



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