Supported devices and connection problems

Let's put this in here so everyone can start to post reports and get their devices working. 

Tested and OK devices:

- Samsung Galaxy Note II (AND_4.1.2) - (19.02.13)

- Samsung Galaxy S3 (AND 4.1.1) - (19.02.13)

- Samsung SIII, (AND 4.1.2) -  (21.02.13)

HTC One X+ (AND 4.1.2) - (21.02.13)

Acer Iconia A500 (Thors ROM) - (28.02.13)

- T-PAD IS709C, (AND 4.0.3) - (03.03.13)

Motorloa Photon XT897 (AND 4.0.4) - (05.03.13)

- Samsung 8" Note (AND 4.1.2) - (25.04.13)

Asus TF300T and TF300TG


Tested but having problems:

- Oker TP-703 tablet (AND_4.1.1) - no link (19.02.13)

So if you have a device that you tested and it is working or not working, please post in here so we can update list, Please include your android OS version too.

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  • Developer

    I'm testing within Samsung S3 tethered to T-Mobile running 4.1.1  with Xbee Pro 900 for TM, works well. Except...

    Until today's update I was having problems displaying Parameters list, now only a few messages are missing FLT MODE 3 and FailSafe Short, both show (?)  no data.

    I am connecting to an APM 1 (2650) running Ardupilot 2.65 with some changes to mavlink to allow NAV–DOP messages from Ublox for true DGPS fix status and accurate HDOP values. By design/default Ublox libarary only sends PDOP values that we use as HDOP. I also sends text messages to Remzibi OSD or MiniOSD.on port 3  with Telemetry out on Port 1 both at 57600.

  • Tested device:


    Samsung Galaxy S3 (AND_4.1.1) with RFD900 modem (compatible with 3DR modem):

    • Needed to feed modem with external power;
    • Link ok, but some issues occur ( see here );
    Android 4.1.1 - duplicate res id with play services? · Issue #41 · geeksville/arduleader
    Hi Kevin, Amazing project. Now I'm testing it and I've found some issues. First, the hardware used: APM1 with firmware V2.68 (ARDUPLANE) Mode…
  • Developer

    Kevin, tested same cable/modem on both devices SG-NoteII and my new Oker TP-703 tablet. NoteII is just fine now with new cable but tablet won't connect now. 

    What is best ways to debug if there is something wrong on drivers/hardware etc?

    I really wonder why my earlier cable did not work. As it did work with mouse/keyboard just fine. 

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