Supported devices and connection problems

Let's put this in here so everyone can start to post reports and get their devices working. 

Tested and OK devices:

- Samsung Galaxy Note II (AND_4.1.2) - (19.02.13)

- Samsung Galaxy S3 (AND 4.1.1) - (19.02.13)

- Samsung SIII, (AND 4.1.2) -  (21.02.13)

HTC One X+ (AND 4.1.2) - (21.02.13)

Acer Iconia A500 (Thors ROM) - (28.02.13)

- T-PAD IS709C, (AND 4.0.3) - (03.03.13)

Motorloa Photon XT897 (AND 4.0.4) - (05.03.13)

- Samsung 8" Note (AND 4.1.2) - (25.04.13)

Asus TF300T and TF300TG


Tested but having problems:

- Oker TP-703 tablet (AND_4.1.1) - no link (19.02.13)

So if you have a device that you tested and it is working or not working, please post in here so we can update list, Please include your android OS version too.

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  • APM 2.0 running 2.9.1.

    Motorloa Photon model XT897 Android 4.0.4

    I ordered the Mini USB adapter and also a telemetry from 3DR, but it is back ordered. I went outside so I got sattelites.  I attempted to connect directly to the phone. No problem, except that the HUD does not move. It shows my GPS position, It shows my paramaters, radio RC channels, although they have a 3 to 5 second delay.


    I guess I need to update to the latest Android, anything else?

  • Tested on this inexpensive tab device, working perfectly. Brief specs;

    ARM Cortex A8 1GHz
    GPU GC-800 Graphics

    Operating System
    Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3

    Memory and Storage
    512 MB DDR3 RAM
    4GB internal memory
    Micro-SD expandable Upto 32 GB


    • 7-inch (diagonal) LCD
    • Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen
    • 800x480 resolution
    • 3D Enabled, GC-800 Graphics
    • 16M colours

  • Developer

    Looks like some of those chinese tables have problem to detect FTDI chips. I am still fighting to get my tablet to recognize my modems. 

  • Rana,
    How would I go about doing that in MP?
  • Hello all,

    I have had this running through all versions so far with the latest installed on my Acer Iconia A500 that is rooted running Thors ROM. I am using arducopter 2.9.1 with Mission Planner 1.2.35 mav 1.0. APM 2.5


    I Have not run inot any problems yet or noticed any bugs yet. Basic tuning of PIDs and parameters so far. Havent used waypoints or follow me or anything else yet but will be as soon as I can find some time.

  • Thank you  Kevin for your good work.

    HTC One X+ with Android 4.1.2 is OK, i add it to the Wikipage.



  • Samsung SIII, AND 4.1.2 - OK (21.02.13)

  • Developer

    Yeah APM version is good to have too even thou it's not so important for overall work. More important is firmware.

    I will start to add new devices shortly after we get few more them listed in here.

  • Pipo S2 8" android 4.1.1 with the Pipo S2 ULTIMATE 3G firmware. The ultimate firmware works great on a regular Pipo S2. The 3G firmware fixes the host USB port problems. Works good on version 1.0.5 Andropilot.


  • Developer

    btw - anyone with problems on android 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 should definitely upgrade to 1.0.05 before doing more testing.  thanks!

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