Things / features you would like to see?

Sorry if i'm out of line for starting this discussion. (it's not as though Kevin isn't busy enough)

Here's somewhere you can post ideas for Andropilot.

I'll start off with a simple one.

As screen space is at a premium, do you think it is worth dividing Andropilot at a welcome screen into 2 different styles of interface? i.e. Fixed wing interface / Multicopter interface.

This would make drop down menus more specific and mean for less scrolling looking for the correct modes/settings/parameters etc.

An example is the fact there's no need for follow me with a fixed wing and no need for loiter (with a radius) for a copter...

Just a thought.

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  • Hello all,

    FOLLOW ME mode request

    Just was thinking after someone asked me if I was able to set a distance that the quad would keep away from gps'd target...

    Could a setting/parameter setting be added to set the number of <2 second> gps updated waypoints -or- amount of time delay for the quad to stay behind on the FOLLOW ME trail?

    This would be awesome if this could be implemented !!!

  • A bluetooth serial comm option would be nice. I have a BT adapter interfaced to my 3DR radio to broadcast BT serial data. Works like a charm on the other Copter-GCS android program.

    If we had BT we could put the 3DR radio and BT adapter at an antenna with a battery. Then we won't have the 3DR dongle hanging out of our usb port on the android. Of course the android device needs BT built in.


  • Developer

    No problem.  I think a thread like this to collect ideas is great.

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