I was wondering if it is possible to run the Andropilot ground station alongside a computer ground station. I have two 3DR ground side radios and one in the plane. I have tried setting them all to the same frequency without hopping and they all connect but I get the error of only 1 heartbeat being recieved from whichever I connect last. Any help is appreciated!

Thanks, Will

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  • What about connecting the android device to the same network and forwarding between the two using either Udp or tcp?
  • Developer
    Will. Simple answer is No.
    Currently all modems that are based on SiK software can onky do point to point between two device. There are no multipoint suppirt yet. There is currently project on going to change this. How long and when i dont know.. hope soon enough.
    This applies all jD, 3DR and RFD900 modems at least.
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