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Sorry if I missed this somewhere but which is the primary device. By this which takes priority.I flew my motor glider a couple of times today. 

On the second flight I tapped loiter on my tablet from stabilize selected on my RC tx. Off into loiter it went. Lovely thinks me.

Then I selected stabilize on my RC tx back into stabilize it goes. Top notch.

Now thinks I what will happen if my radio goes into failsafe after my last mode selection was via tablet....

Sorry if there already has been an answer to this or a blindingly obvious resolution.

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  • Good point, and expressed in a clockwork orange styli, even better.

    My answer is I'm not sure. However, in earlier iterations of andropilot i noticed that the quad ignored my tx commands (like change back to stab) which was interesting until my tablet wouldn't power the telemetry anymore, it just would not stop following...(yes i did run for a bit.....) but kevin fixed this quick.

    I imagine you have just examined a prime catch.

    But since the fix I think it would RTL, as it would see the tx throttle dive below your threshold. I think.

  • Tony Danza!
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    So, here's the full story ;-).

    Android pilot uses a mavlink SET_MODE command whenever you change modes via the menu (or choose to goto a waypoint etc...).  That tells the vehicle the new desired mode.  Any time you make such a change in the app, it will send this packet only once - for safety to make sure we don't inadvertently override some state change by the vehicle.  This is why in very  rare cases if you attempt a change from mode X into mode Y, you'll see the menu item switch back to mode X.  That means that the vehicle did not receive/accept the mode change you requested (i.e. the mavlink SET_MODE packet got lost).

    The next time the vehicle wants to change modes (because of RC failsafe or because you changed your mode switch on your RC xmitter) - it will overwrite that same current mode - so the vehicle is always free to override what andropilot requested.

    As an aside: The way andropilot is guaranteed to stay in sync with the vehicle is that the vehicle mode is stored in the HEARTBEAT message sent from the vehicle.  Any time andropilot gets that message and the mode doesn't match what the app thinks is correct, it updates the app to match what the vehicle reported (and makes the speech announcement).

    So that's a long way of saying, I think you are good to go.  RC failsafe works as intended - if the RC xmitter goes away the vehicle will happily override the last mode set by andropilot...

    (Gary, or anyone who reads this, would you mind adding something to the wiki manual about this?)

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  • +1 ... or if you send it far away and lose telem. connection?

    then what?

    But yes, the system is working great!

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