A Few Questions on Minim OSD...

I have a few random questions on minim OSD and hoping someone can help out. I've got mine working and have done the firmware update (ver 2.4, Plane R703) and also configured using the CT, but have a few minor issues:

Firstly, I constantly get a battery warning on my OSD. This is how I configured:

  • Minimum battery voltage set as 10.8V (I'm using 3S)
  • Battery remaining warning level set as 20%

Any thoughts on why I am seeing warning all the time? Do I need to calibrate it or something?

Secondly, Autotune flight mode does not show as Autotune on OSD. It will always show the previous mode before flipping to Autotune. Mission Planner shows Autotune mode correctly but OSD won't (and I have the 2 views running side by side to check).

Thirdly, I have configured to show Warnings but I don't seem to see the same warnings that I see in Mission Planner. For example compass error variance does not seem to show on OSD. Are there specific warnings only that show on OSD? Or is there perhaps a priority and it shows only 1 warning at any point in time (which is battery level in my case)?

I have attached my config screen.

Thanks in advance,


OSD Config.PNG

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