Ailerons unlineraity

I wanted to post this request in Github but I cannot find where to place a Feature request.

As many planes are too small to mechanically create exponential aileron movements it would be very beneficial to to this with MW.

More up than down.

I understand it means two servos a quite a job but it would help nice tuning (as a real plane)



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  • Don't you mean differential aileron movements. Exponential is something different altogether.

    Regards, John

  • Developer

    Hi Anders,

    You can do this now by setting RC1_MAX and RC1_MIN to not be symmetric about RC1_TRIM.

    Combine this with the RCn_FUNTION for AILERON to allow for multiple outputs for ailerons and you can control the symmetry of each aileron:


    Cheers, Tridge

    • Hi Andrew

      This gives you only endpoints, not unlinearity right?!

      For a good steering there is a factor for the down movement that is less than for the up movement. This has to be trimmed for every plane. As the air, on the lower side, is quicker than the air on the upper side, it tends to brake more on the outer side making it harder to turn.

      Normally you can fix this with linkage but when the servo is directly connected to the aileron it is hard to implement.

      It would be an awesome function in the software to fix this.


    • Developer


      it creates two lines of different slopes that meet at the trim point. I think this is usually what people want. It is not just endpoint truncation, it changes the scaling in the two directions.

      Cheers, Tridge

    • Thanks a lot!

      I'll try this out at once.


  • I meant SW and I meant turning.

    Someone must have changed the keys on my laptop :-)


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