aispeed on a apm 2.5

I will ask the same question as someone else who never got an answer.

have i got to add pins to the apm 2.5 for a airspeed sensor or are they already taken care of in the row of pins at the top which take the airflow etc.


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  • Developer

    They are already there on the 2.5, just plug into the A0 position.  

    My airspeed sensor came missing the 3 pin header, so I did have to solder on a .1" spacing 3 pin header. No biggie.

  • Terry - I don;t personally own a 2.5 board, but i believe it is very similar to the APM2 board - In the manual, on this page, the 3rd image down shows the APM pins, and what they do, Airspeed is in the corner...

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