APM Installation photos

Is there a place where photos of APM installations could be posted? I'm sure there are some really creative ideas that could be very instructive to Group members that don't do this type of work every day. Like how all this equipment is stuffed into a Bixler or a Skywalker. How are you mounting the 3DR radios? How do can all these components and wires be assembled in a plane in a professional looking manner? Fascinating stuff! Now let's see some pictures. Show off you craftsmanship.

Thanks to all.

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  • "I see, says the blind man".

    Look up at the banner menu at the top right side of this page.            PHOTOS.

    The answer to my question.


  • Amen I agree once I have my system up and running I will post pictures. There is plenty of info, its hard sometimes to picture in my minds eye what is being said. How about some u-tube how to videos. I think it would help the amatuer become more interested. Being self taught on most of this the more there is to learn from the better. I think DIYdrones is an awesome deal.

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