APM v2.22

Dear All:I am new to APM (1.4) and just loaded the v 2.22 via APM mission planner.The firmware loads without any errors. When I go to setup the radio its giving me problems. Some times it detects the 4 joystick channels and some times it doesnt. Modes its not detecting at all.I have connected from Rx Ail -> IN 1, Elev -> IN2, Thr -> IN 3, Rud ->IN4 and Gear -> IN8Also in the APM mission planner - config - setup - Radio input when i move the elevator stick it shows movement on elv and aileron. Currently all my dipswites on the APM board are UP.In the CLI when i do modeswitch - the result comes as control ch8. Can this be changed to ch 5 and if so how?I need guidance and advise to fix this problem. Please give your valuable input.I am using Futaba Tx T9CHPthanks

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  • 3D Robotics

    You probably haven't assigned your gear toggle to CH5 on your Futaba.


    Don't confuse your RC channel with the APM inputs. Normally RC Ch5 (toggle) goes to APM Input 8.


    All this is in the manual, BTW.

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