Sorry, Let me make it more clear, in case of some long distance flight, I need two safety pilots, one in takeoff point with a RC controller to be able to make manual mode control, make sure take off safety and be sure that plane goes normally. Another safety pilot in a landing point 100 km far away from the takeoff point. to make sure plane arrive and land safety, maybe need to land in manual mode because it will be hard to calibrate the land level with that distance.

1. Can I have 2 Mission planers (I use xtend) located in takeoff and landing points, to give control and switch between each mission planer for sending command?

2. Can I have 2 RC controller pair to 1 receiver for have manual mode ability in both takeoff and landing point?


thanks a lot for some comments.

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  • Not sure about the 100km range, but for the RC control, I would think about using a UHF system that supports "multimaster". Here is a post that accomplished what you are wanting at a somewhat shorter distance.

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    whats about using a device to switch between 2 tx  ?

    im not sure if it is possible in terms of the radio calibration settings.

    • interesting, someone have been try that ?

      I guess two receiver and transimitter need to be same and config in same status.

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    you can do this but you will need to use a RC of the older traditional style as you will not be able to bind 2 transmitters of the 2.4Ghz style as the 2 Tx will have individual codes. the older style 35mhz simple use a frequency to match the TX and Rx. 

    The mission planner with 2 separate base stations is OK as long as the ID code is set to the same number in both mission planners radio link. 

    be very aware that this type of flight will break some rules in most countries, do some research first. 

    so yes its possible but ....... 

    • Thanks a lot, well, we work for some government project, so it is not a problem.

      for old style 35mhz,  it is hard to find a long rang solution now, especially dangerous for interference during the long range flight, I will see if some long rang radio solution can adapt to it.

      About mission planer, sorry I don't understand, ID code is needed to set in some place ? this ID is the plane identification, right ? align automatically when the telemetry connected ?

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      The ID I was refering to is in the 3DR Radio, its usually 1-999 and is set in the radio parameters to bind one radio to another, in your case the radios are far enough away from each other so it wont be a problem but they do need the same code.

      looking at this in reverse I have several aircraft with the same radio ID as the ground station but I only power one up at any one time. 

      I only stated 35Mhz to refer to the none 2.4Ghz of todays radios , for example 72Mhz radios are still common in the USA and other areas., these radios do not have a code built into them (usually)

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