apm2.5 won't initialise

I say "initialise" purely because thats what it says it's doing when I go to the "flight modes" screen... initializing

So I set up the APM2.5 as per the wiki, everything was going really well. installed latest arduplane firmware, wrote bixler params to the board, configured radio, assigned flight modes to my 3pos switch and installed a mediatek gps. Got a fix indoors (gps was next to the window) and my hopes were really high.

I went out to the field, powered up and waited for the gps to get a fix (solid blue light on the mediatek) and after a few trimming flights (not much was needed actually, I've flown this aircraft many times before and it's all trimmed out) I decided to test the stabilize mode. flicked the switch and nothing...

flew it far away and flicked the switch to RTH/RTL mode.... nothing

came in for a landing and checked the switches while it was on the ground.... nothing

but the apm2.5 is all powered up, GPS fixed (solid blue led), and it's obviously passing the radio signal "through" the board as the plane was flying as if it just wasn't there.

Only thing I can think of is that when doing the launches for the first few test flights in manual mode, I had a failed launch and my bixler 2 went nose into the ground fairly hard, not hard enough to do any damage to the plane, but do you think the impact/shock could have damaged something inside the APM2.5 ?

I've since removed the board from the aircraft and carried out a visual inspection... there's nothing I can see that is damaged or broken or snapped and when I connect to the PC in mission planner it seems to connect fine, until I go to the flight data tab and there's no activity, even in the config tab I cant do radio calibration and when I go to the flight modes screen it just sits there and says "initializing"

please help, please tell me I havent screwed my apm2.5 board :(

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    Yes, if if won't get past the "Initiliazing" it means that the sensors are failing the startup test. You can try reloading the code, but I suspect your board got damaged in that crash. 

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