Arduplane Noob HELP!

hey guys! So i just got a Hobbyking Slowstick which has APM mini 3.1 on it. I bought it from some flyer here who is 5 hours away from me. What should i do first? If I'm going to do my first flight, what are the things that i should check before take off? I still don't know how to fly planes. If you are wondering why i bought this is because, it's cheaper compare to a glider(Jpower SkySurfer) which is about 100$ here and I got this for about 75$. I hope you guys can help me! Thank you!

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  • Even this is better than nothing. They have a droid and iOS version.

    Absolute RC Plane Sim - Apps on Google Play
    Professional RC flight simulator - a must have for anyone flying radio controlled models. Probably the most realistic behavior on mobile phones and t…
  • You should not attempt to use the controller to fly the plane by itslef until you have flown it and you know it flies decent to start with. Once you have done that set up auto-tune as one of your modes and do that.  As great as the controller is if the plane isn't balanced or otherwise isn't flying well it could crash entering a guided mode. Fly on a simulator [ or phone app ] a LOT before you try it for real. That's a HUGE advantage we didn't used to have use it!! Good luck!!

    • How can i do that? Can I do it with the flight controller in it? and just switch to manual mode to fly it?

    • And while on the ground you can select stabilize and then move the plane around you should see the control surfaces moving the correct way. 

    • Richard,

       the seller said that i should never fly this plane if my compass are not calibrated. is that true? even though i am just going to use manual and stabilize?

    • Your right it doesn't need the compass in manual mode but it's so easy to do I would recommend you do all the mandatory set up's anyway. It probably won't let you arm until you do. Do it outside away from wires and building as much as possible. 

      The #1 thing noobies do is over control and or set up the control surfaces to move too much. Your control surfaces shouldn't move more than 1/2" or so up and down.  Also it's sort of like ridding a bike that if you start to fall one way and have to stop and think about it it's already too late. When the plane is flying away from you it's makes sense as it turns towards you though just remember push you stick towards the low wing and it will level off. Once you have that part second nature you'll be fine. That's why those simulators are so good you can get your brain trained for that before you go risk you pride and joy. Nothing is worse than putting your plane back in 'kit' form. lol 

    • Richard, 

      Okay i'll check my control surface. Another question: I have a friend wherein he also have a clone APM 2.6, he tested out his plane and showed me that he can get about 8-13 GPS satellites. I tested mine and I only got 3. I wish he still lived near me so that he can teach me how to fly planes, but he got a job far from our place.

    • you should get 8 sats or more outside. But it can vary day to day and can take several minutes.  3 isn't very good at all though. Make sure the gps is mounted as far away from electronics as possible and with a clear view of the sky. 

    • Richard, 

      Does updating firmware helps? and Can I update it though it is clone?

    • Gary, Mario, and Richard,

      Thank you for the help guys. I am now reading the wiki. I hope I will learn alot.

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