Arduplane Noob HELP!

hey guys! So i just got a Hobbyking Slowstick which has APM mini 3.1 on it. I bought it from some flyer here who is 5 hours away from me. What should i do first? If I'm going to do my first flight, what are the things that i should check before take off? I still don't know how to fly planes. If you are wondering why i bought this is because, it's cheaper compare to a glider(Jpower SkySurfer) which is about 100$ here and I got this for about 75$. I hope you guys can help me! Thank you!

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    • That shouldn't change how many sats your gps gets. I don't see a problem updating the firmware on a clone but probably not necessary. 

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      Find a free sim, like FMS (Flying model simulator) and use that for a few hours until you are happy flying a circuit and landing.

      Its not hard to fly model aircraft remember this... the throttle just gets you to the scene of the accident faster. If in any doubt chop the throttle and reduce the speed of the impact!

    • Gary,

      Noted.Btw, Is there any simulator that can be use without usb dongle? my transmitter is a 9xr. I'm so nervous to fly this thing man! 

    • yes exactly 

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    Read the arduplane wiki. All of it.
    Many people have put a lot of time into writing the code, and even more time into writing guides for people like you and I.
    At the minimum, you should spend an hour or two reading the first time set up portion, and then go back through and follow the steps.

    Practice some patience, or you're going to lose your investment pretty quick. Hope that helps.
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