Arduplane on the 1280

Ok! I have just gotten up to speed with the going's on at DIY Drones again. I am VERY satisfied with the Arducopter and it's software! A big thank you to all those involved in compiling all this great stuff!

I can now use the Mission Planner or the Arduino IDE to load firmware!

I have a SkyFun FunJet and I used a motor esc and prop from the Quad to save a few bucks on the Skyfun. I want to use my APM to fly my SkyFun but it appears I'm a little behind the times with my 1280 to be on the edge of the new stuff.

I will be upgrading but I'd like to use my current APM with the SkyFun as my piloting skills are very rusty! I may crash a bit much and I'd like to use the 1280 incase I break something in the learning process.

I don't have a GPS module at the moment (well the right cable I have a couple Trimble Lassen IQ I am going to need to use later for high altitude flight)

So can I get some direction on how to load the 1280 and advice on what version to load on the 1280? I need a little walkthrough on what to remove from the code to make it fit or what else I should do to get the 1280 going on Arduplane!

Any help greatly appreciated!



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    A GPS is highly recommended for ArduPlane, as it is needed to correct for centripetal acceleration.


    You can compile ArduPlane in several ways to reduce the code size to fit on a 1280; use a specific gps driver instead of the auto detect driver, disable logging, or disable the CLI

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