AUTO mode does not work

AUTO mode does not work

Hello everyone. I have scheduled a mission for my APM mounted on a skywalker, but when I put the auto mode, this is left circling home. any idea why not make themsion?

appreciate your help.

auto mode is at the end of the attachment

2011-10-08 04-43-33.tlog

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  • the mission that I wanted to do was like this ....attach file


    no error when writing the mission.

  • Moderator

    What mission did you have loaded?

    What steps, exactly, did you use to tell the AP about its mission?

    I have a theory.... try this:

    Use the bottom "Save WP file" and name the file "mission-MP"

    Then, connect to the APM and use the button "Read WP", then save as "mission-APM"

    Then upload to a reply here...

    I think you might find that the APM did not have your mission, it maybe only knows about 1 WP, the home/launch. It is hard for me to tell from replaying the mission, but it seems to circle WP 1, which seems to be in the center of the flight path. Probably someone knows how to read the log file better than me, I am just watching the replay.


  • 3D Robotics

    Please post your mission file. From the tlog, it looks like you just have one waypoint.

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