Autonomous RMRC Anaconda R/C Plane Project

Hi All,

To be able to help test ArduPlane firmware I have been putting together a RMRC Anaconda twin boom pusher R/C Plane Link. The Anaconda is not an acrobatic air frame and is designed more for endurance flying with the capability to stay in the air for around an hour. I plan to use the Anaconda in a mini OBC to be held here in Southern Florida sometime in the future. 

I have the fuse, the wings, and the tail boom pretty well completed so I thought that I would share my installation of a Pixhawk flight controller and associated components into the Anaconda fuse.


Pixhawk Flight Controller Platform Front View

3691177106?profile=originalPixhawk Flight Controller Platform Side View

3691177063?profile=originalPixhawk Flight Controller Platform Installed in Fuse

3691177170?profile=originalAir Speed Pressure Sensor and Battery Mounting Plate

3691177128?profile=originalGPS/Compass/Status Led Forward of Wing Mount

3691177089?profile=originalAirspeed Sensor Pitot Tube

3691177191?profile=originalPitot Tube Assembly Side View

3691177262?profile=originalCC Phoenix Edge 100 A ESC and 3DR 915MHz Telemetry Radio

My next step in the Project is to calibrate the sensors and the compass and then load in and customize an Anaconda Parameter File that is available on the RCGroups RMRC Anaconda thread Link . The Anaconda thread is full of good information about what and what not to do when either building the kit or flying the RTF version. I will then attach the ESC and servos to the Pixhawk servo output bus along with a 5.6vdc zener diode to clamp the servo output bus power rail and then begin flight control ground testing.



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    • Done and Done and Success. Thanks again Thomas. Next flight tomorrow in FBWA! Space Cookies!

  • Thomas,  Thanks for providing these pictures.  Looks like have have a good start on this project.  I am building one of these too and have some questions...

    I like the way you mounted the airspeed sensor.  I think I recognize the RMRC air sensor mount. Did yo make the other components to mount the sensor or can I buy those somewhere?

    Your PIXHAWK tray is a nice idea.  It looks like you mounted your pixhawk on a piece of metal.  Am I seeing this correctly? What is the metal for?



    • Admin


      Yes, you are correct, the Pitot tube mount is from RMRC.

      The Pixhawk is mounted on a piece of 1/16" thick gray ABS plastic sheeting.

      Except for the airspeed sensor mount, everything else is home made.



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    Hi All,

    I have added an external USB connector to the top of the Arming Switch support so that I do not have to pull the Pixhawk out from the navigation controller plate to connect to it.

    3701993713?profile=originalExternal USB Connector mounted on Arming Switch Support



    • Moderator

      I'm so embarrassed to show off how I mounted everything when I see stuff like this.

      The bad part is that I'm being asked to show it off as a guest speaker at a precision ag program. I'm just going to hang a black handkerchief over it and label it as top secret.

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    Hi Bruce,

    I was hoping that other plane enthusiasts would get involved in this project as you have, because there is more than one way to skin a cat and all input and suggestions are welcome!


    Tom C AVD 

    • Just getting started. Putting the Pixhawk in the Anaconda and using the same flats under the wing you are using. Any lessons learned I should be aware of? Like tuning with the Pixhawk in this location?3702594019?profile=original3702594182?profile=original

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      I would review the RCG Anaconda thread to glean any tuning tips.



  • Thomas, do you have a cutting list for the platform? No sweat if you don't have one handy.  I too am about to build an Anaconda with Pixhawk. My only real difference will be that the pitot head will be on a boom projecting about 14 inches forward of the nose (hopefully, for greater accuracy.

    Have you incorporated the flaps?

    Great work and thanks

    • Admin


      Please define cutting list.

      Presently the flaps are manually operated from the R/C transmitter.



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