Channel 7 RTL

Why doesn't Mission Planner for Arduplane have a selection to assign channel 7 to RTL like it does for and Arducopter? I love the security of being able to select RTL regardless of what flight mode I'm in. It has saved me more than once with my Arducopter Quad.

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  • End of year 2015 and ch7-8 are not implemented :(

    To use this geo-fence feature I need to carry a laptop with me to define the box.. so much hassle comparing to a single switch that returns the plane back to you. 

  • What about parameter tuning on Channel 6? Is there any way to do this is arduplane? I love that feature on Arducopter.
  • Developer

    I don't think it is really necessary, because in my opinion it has something better: Just set up a geofence around your flying site and bind the geofence switch to a handy toggle.  Any time anything screws up, turn on the geofence.  If the vehicle was outside the box (or above or below it) it will return to the geofence return point.

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