Hello, I'm new to ArduPilot, but not to computing or open source.  I'm working with a group building a tailsitter with a single pair of props for both hover and horizontal cruise.  (For type of VTOL, think Ryan X-13 or Martin V-BAT.)

We were going to use a Spektrum ground transmitter and receiver using DSMX.  However, when I look at the controller boards we might use, they mention "Spekrum (inc satellite) receiver" or "Spektrum Satellit DSM" or DSM2.  Consulting with a friend, the receiver simply goes into some sort of JST UART.

Does a flight controller care if the signal is DSM2 or DSMX? Or can I safely plug in a receiver for DSM2 or DSMX into the same JST UART connector?

Am I making rash assumptions somewhere?

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