Fault found

Hello all,

A definite fault in the code, when entering auto mode via mission reset when the plane is above your desired altitude the plane will go to high throttle and nose down and will not pull out unless you go back to manual, however if you mission reset when you are below the set altitude the plane will climb and complete the waypoints as expected, thoughts anyone?




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  • Developer

    Hi Marc,

    I'd need a bit more information to try to reproduce this. Do you have a tlog of the flight? If not, can you send me your mission file and your parameter file?

    Also what do you mean by "entering auto via mission reset"? Doing a "mission reset" doesn't change flight mode. Perhaps you mean "doing a mission reset then using MP to force a mode change to auto" ?

    You also don't say what version of APM:Plane you are running - is it 2.74b?

    I did try to guess some of the answers to the above Qs and tried to reproduce the problem but didn't manage to reproduce it.

    Cheers, Tridge

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