• thank you, this is the perfect answer, particularly the link. I've got some reading to do

  • Hi Dan, I guess you are speaking about a plane and in that case you will need at least 5 channels for the normal controls(aileron, elevator, throttle, rudder) + 1 channel to switch between flight modes.

    You can read more about it here:

    You would need more channels in case you have additional equipment, i.e.: flaps, camera gimbal, etc.

    Cheers, Tomás

  • The more channels the better. If you can get SBUS or PPM(Sum) even better. My FPV Setups are usually as follows

    1 - Ailerons

    2 - Elevator

    3 - Throttle

    4 - Rudder

    5 - Pan

    6 - Tilt

    7 - MinimOSD Toggle

    8 - APM Mode

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