Initial setting for Turnigy 9X transmitter

Hello everyone,

I'm a complete beginner with zero experience in building planes and in the process of learning (via youtube/and this forum). My first project is going to be a skywalker X5, all parts are ordered and in the house.

My first question is with regard to setting up a Turnigy X9 transmitter & what to set/not to set under the FUNC options. There are a couple of dozens different items there and I have no clue what most of them are.

What I'm looking for is some basic numbers/parameters  to be set to start with.
Hope that makes sense. TIA for your help.

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  • Developer

    Hi Ard.  As your new to RC I would strongly recommend you join a model RC club with a flying field and learn from one of the experts there.  Almost everyone who is new to RC learns from someone else who already is well versed in the basics.  This includes your transmitter questions above.

    Thanks, Grant

  • u need to set the mode, the aircraft type. then assign upper 4 channels to different knobs/switches.

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