Is this a stall spin?

I think what I am experiencing is called a stall spin. This happened in auto mode while the plane was heading to a WP when the plan starts spinning in a very tight loop and drops altitude. I had the sun in my eyes and could not spot the plane and thankfully RTL saved it until I could see it, then manual mode to a safe landing.

I still don't know what data should be graphed or I would just post some screen shots of graphs rather than my logs. Is there a page with a description of the logged parameters and values that Google has yet to discover for me?

Thanks again!


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  • Paul, thank you for the advice. I replaced the aileron servos and re-tuned via autotune. Last night I successfully flew multiple waypoint missions with no problems.

  • From what I have read about stall spins, An autopilot would steer out of it and pitch up to try to recover, which woudl infact worsen the stall spin. 

    If RTL helped you then I doubt it was a stall spin

    • Exactly! This was my experience.
    • I don't think this was a stall spin because it doesn't match your video. The plane is mostly level during its decent. I am posting another graph of the rcout, can someone tell me if this is showing a cause or the APM trying to recover? 

      Is the target altitude logged in the dataflash logs?

    • Which OSD do you use? I like the fact it knew it was a stall. any reason for the stall? Im about to start some very close range FPV flights with only a manual plane, Any advice is worth having, once ive tested the plane then APM is going it, but its worth mor ethan the plane, so im testing that first

  • If you were in a spin, RTL would not help you get out of it.
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